Training & Internship Program
AsafoAgyei Hospital as part of its vision undertakes training programs for interested people in the field of medicine who seek to unearth or develop their skills in their chosen field.
The training programs are mostly specialized for the person.
In that, the person is allowed to specialize in a particular field. Asafo Agyei Hospital and Community Center is noted for its specialty in the treatment of ” HEMORRHOIDS” commonly referred to as “PILES” using the latest and approved methodologies in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Aside from that, the institute offers training in,
• Midwifery.
• General Medicine.
• Opthalmology

The training Programs are opened and accessible to any qualified and interested individual in the field of medicine both locally and internationally.
The hospital training center as it opened approximately 12months ago has been able to train 10 foreign final year medical students who specialize in various fields.

The enrollment number keeps rising day by day.
These students come from the United States of America, The United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Nigeria, and Mali amongst others.

About us

The Asafo Agyei Hospital is equipped with professionals and the most sophisticated equipment to make sure patient’s health is well secured. Asafo-Agyei Hospital with its “place of service” described as “spacious and clean premises”, “therapeutic environment”, ” serene place” and “every patient’s delight” was born in November 1980.

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